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100% Tolerase® G Anti-Gluten Pills

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Anti-Gluten Pills from Little Helpers help you break down unwanted gluten in your food. This way you do n't have to worry as much about unpleasant reactions in your body and you can enjoy good food again!

The pills contain 100% pure Tolerase® G, a highly effective gluten-degrading enzyme, capable of breaking down more than 86% of the immunogenic parts of gluten within 10 minutes , even before they leave the stomach and can cause a physical reaction.

Our pills were developed in the Netherlands by Royal DSM and are proven to be the most effective gluten pill on the market.

Read our complete research and scientific basis.

Please note: this is not a solution for celiac disease, however it can provide peace of mind for outdoor cross-contamination and is extremely effective for those without celiac disease who are sensitive.


Take 1-2 capsules before each meal that may contain gluten or traces of gluten. The effect may vary from person to person so gluten consumption should still be treated with caution. Listen to your body.


Tolerase® G (prolyl): 150 mg, hydroxypropyl, methylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate.


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Superior gluten degradation

Tolerase® G is many times more effective than any other supplement available and is the only enzyme scientifically proven to be effective enough to break down gluten to the point that the body no longer responds to it.

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A solution that does work

The recognized platform gluten.nl, part of the Dutch Celiac Association, endorses Tolerase® G as the only effective product on the market in their article about the gluten pill.

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The Effect of Tolerase® G

On the nutritional supplement market there is an abundance of products that claim to be able to effectively break down gluten. However, in many cases it appears that these promises are unfortunately not kept. A common problem is that these supplements cannot withstand the aggressive environment of stomach acid, causing them to break down before they can fulfill their task of breaking down gluten.

In contrast, we have developed a product that is unique in its kind. Our pills are specifically designed to withstand the challenges of stomach acid, and therefore remain effective even under these harsh conditions. They are able to do their job and break down gluten effectively even in the harsh conditions of the stomach.

The result is a product that not only promises what it does, but actually delivers. It is a reliable and effective solution for those who need a gluten-breaking supplement that really works.

For more insight and confirmation of the effectiveness of our product, we would like to refer you to an article on gluten.nl, a platform that is part of the Dutch Celiac Association. This article, which can be found at https://www.glutenvrij.nl/glutenpil , supports our claims and provides additional information about the effectiveness of our product compared to other supplements available on the market. Or read the external studies on our page https://littlehelpers.nl/pages/science-achter-anti-gluten- Pills

Read the complete study

Read the complete study

Explore the science and benefits of Tolerase® G.

Read the research

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Little Helpers Anti-Gluten Pills work?

The Anti-Gluten Pills contain 100% pure Tolerase® G, a highly effective gluten-degrading enzyme produced by Royal DSM. This enzyme is able to break down more than 99.9% of the immunogenic parts of gluten within 10 minutes, even before they leave the stomach and can cause a physical reaction.

For more information about the effects of Tolerase® G and the scientific evidence of its effectiveness, click here .

Do the pills work for people with celiac disease?

The Anti-Gluten Pills also help people with celiac disease break down gluten, but the pills are not a substitute for a gluten-free diet.

People with celiac disease will still have to do their best to consume as little gluten as possible.

Unfortunately, studies show that people who follow a gluten-free diet still regularly ingest gluten. Especially when eating out, such as with friends, in a restaurant, or on holiday, it is difficult to control what you eat.

In those situations, our pills are an excellent choice and help to minimize the unwanted effects, thus offering people with celiac disease a little bit of 'peace of mind'.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with using the Anti-Gluten Pills?

Our Anti-Gluten Pills are a regulated dietary supplement and have passed extensive safety testing.

These tests have shown that there are no side effects or risks associated with its use, as long as the daily recommended amounts are not exceeded.

Tolerase® G, the only active ingredient in our Anti-Gluten Pills, is an enzyme with only one function and that is to break down proline-rich proteins such as gluten. When Tolerase® G has fulfilled this task or when there is no gluten to break down, it will itself be digested and excreted in the same way as all other proteins you consume every day. So nothing to worry about!

Are the Anti-Gluten Pills suitable for children?

Little Helpers Anti-Gluten Pills are safe for use for children over 36 months.

Where are the Anti-Gluten Pills produced and what quality controls are there?

When producing our Anti-Gluten Pills we combine the best of local expertise and international innovation. Our pills are developed in the Netherlands, a bastion of pharmaceutical excellence, by the renowned multinational Royal DSM.

Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Royal DSM has not only implemented the highest manufacturing standards, but is also the pioneer and inventor behind the active ingredient of our pills: Tolerase® G.

This combination of in-house production and specialized knowledge guarantees that every pill we bring to market meets the strictest quality requirements. In this way we contribute to the well-being of our customers and ensure the highest quality.

Can I still follow a gluten-free diet while taking these supplements?

Certainly, our Anti-Gluten Pills go well with a gluten-free diet. If you already follow a gluten-free diet, our pills give you even more freedom and fewer worries. If you accidentally ingest some gluten, we are there to break it down for you.